Churches plant churches, people do not. The model for church planting has been given us in the New Testament, Paul sending out Timothy and Titus to preach the Gospel, build up churches, and then raise up quailified men. The body of believers from Meridian Church, Comanche Ok, have sent out David Burks. The elders from Meridian Church are serving as the covering for Altus Reformed Baptist Church and wll be working along side of David  until qualified men are raised up from within the body.

Here is the elder confession of faith.  

david Burks

The Lord has taken Tracy and I on an amazing adventure that has moved us from California, to Oklahoma, to Oregon to Hawaii and then back to Oklahoma. Along the way we raised 4 kids, and now have 9 grandkids. After graduating from Liberty Univeristy with a BS in Biblical and Theological Studies, I applied for and was accepted into the elder apprentiship program at Meridian Church, a 2- year intensive program geared toward training up and preparing men for eldership within the church. I have been an elder at Meridian Church since 2018 and was sent out by that body to plant this church in 2020. 

Clayton Carlisle

Clayton was born and raised in Woodward Oklahoma. That is where he met and married his high school sweetheart, Christie. They are the parents of two fine young men, Caleb and Grady. 

He currently lives near Lone Wolf Oklahoma where he is the caretaker for the Southwest Baptist Churches Assembly. He enjoys woodworking, fishing, archery and shooting sports.