Biblical church membership is a requirement given us in the New Testament. The following is from our Elder confession of faith concerning everyones duty to join the church: 

"We believe, since this holy assembly and congregation is the assembly of the redeemed and there is no salvation outside of it (for she was entrusted with the gospel), that no one ought to withdraw from it, content to be by himself, no matter what his status or standing may be. But all believers are to join and unite with a local church, maintaining the unity of the church. They must submit themselves to her faithful instruction and discipline, bending their necks under the yoke of Jesus Christ, and they must edify the brothers and sisters according to the talents which God has given them as members of the same body.According to the Word of God, it is the duty of all believers to separate from those who do not belong to the church and to join this assembly wherever God has established it. They should do so even if death or physical punishment might follow. All therefore who draw away from the church or fail to join it are in sin." 

  1. Acts 2:41
  2. Ephesians 4:11–16
  3. 2 Corinthians 6:14–18, 1 Peter 2:11–12

Before purchasing a single soul by His blood, Jesus gave us commands concerning life within His church (Matthew 18). 

It is not hyperbole to say that Christ died for His church. 

The early reformers from Paul forward said that since God is our Father, the church must be our mother. 

This is something that should make us look hard at what we expect from a church and church membership. 

We take church membership seriously, we do not have inactive members (whatever that is), we do not have a membership role that is larger than the number of people that you can expect to worship with each week. 

Everyone of our members desires to glorify God through their covenant that they make with the church, because of the covenant that He has made with us. 

Membership Process

Read our Affirmation of Faith, Church Covenant, and the following books (provided by us):

*A Little Book on the Christian Life"

by John Calvin,

"The Church... Her Nature, Authority, Purpose and Worship

by Jeffery D Johnson

Please make notes of any disagreements or questions you might have concerning any of these. If any children are joining, they will need to have gone through these materials with you. 

    2.  Attend all Membership classes.

    3.  Write a one page testimony of faith.
            •     Communicate how you have seen God’s grace in your life to bring you to a

                   saving knowledge of Him, what the gospel is, and communicate your trust in


     4.  Schedule a membership interview with an elder. 

    • These are typically done at your home for your convenience and last about an hour and a half for a married couple (if you have children intent on joining, this could take longer). 
    • During the interview we will discuss the affirmation of faith, the church
      covenant, and your testimony of faith.

     5.   The interviewing elder will then present your testimony and interview before all

           the elders. 

     6.   The elders will then make a recommendation to the church body at a scheduled

            Worship gathering.  This recommendation will be made known to the church several weeks in

             advance with your testimony of faith. 

     7.   At the Worship gathering, covenant vows will be exchanged between the church

           and the new members.